Design Thinking, Design Doing

Ally Binns | June 1, 2020

Time to read: 4 mins

Did you know, to date, there are 500 million blogs in the world? 

Well, now there’s 500 million, and one. – Yes, that’s right EllisJames has decided to start our very own blog!

We will be focusing on all things design thinking and design doing. Alongside our regular in-depth articles, we have decided to add smaller, bite-sized blog posts with contributions from our whole team. We want to use this platform to share:

  • Actionable advice – driving innovation and bolstering your brand.
  • Top tips integrating design and design thinking into your business.
  • Tools and resources game-changing resources you can start leveraging straight away.

To kick us off, I thought we could dive into what makes us, us. 

Design Think, Design Doing - Meet the EllisJames Team

Making design a daily essential

At EllisJames, we want to be your Creative Wingmen. On-station and ready to deploy whenever you need us. We truly believe design should be a daily essential and a competitive advantage for your business. It demands an experienced head, a proven creative process for generating effective solutions, a wide range of capabilities and above all, a commitment to the mission.

To put it simply we want to help brilliant people tell other people what they do. Brilliantly.

Design Thinking, Design Doing

Stay small, think big

We are a close-knit bunch of like-minded people. Inquisitiveness and a hunger for learning are what we look for in our team members. We value the intangibles, the experiences and qualities that make us individuals. Humour is a must, and a culture of innovation and creativity is essential. 

We want to do big things beautifully and small things brilliantly.

The team and I all invest in keeping our minds active and ever curious. We want to do big things beautifully and small things brilliantly. You’ll forever find us tinkering with technology, cracking on with side projects or honing new skills — for our work, our clients but often just for fun.

It’s in our blood

In the office, we are all teachers, and we are all students. We share and learn from each other daily. We approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create meaningful design outcomes that genuinely connect with people. You can meet our lovely team members here. We will be introducing a regular ‘meet the team’ post. So please keep your eyes peeled for all our juicy secrets!

Design Thinking, Design Doing

Design Thinking, Design Doing

Complex problems are best solved together. We work iteratively and collaboratively because we know that gets better things done quicker. We believe in the efficacy of design thinking wholeheartedly. We want to create a positive impact through design, understanding our client’s plan, integrating the needs of people, opportunities for engagement, and the requirements for business success. 

Our mantra is ‘we always design think before we design do’ – whatever the size of the project. 

That’s not all folks! We’ll be releasing regular blog posts covering all sorts of business and design-related topics. We hope you come along for the ride. 

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