• The Pachanga!

    To clarify, I am neither snake-hipped nor am I a member of any kind of union. I don’t have a mullet and as for dancing – imagine how a puppet’s limbs move when the puppeteer sneezes, that’s me. The scene I’m talking about comes where Johnny is ‘tutoring’ his blossoming love interest, ‘Baby’, in the […]

  • Sowing the seeds of brand

    I also use analogy to describe the nature of brand and its relationship to the rest of a business and its people, and I thought you might find some of these useful. So, today I wanted to plant the analogous seed of brand, brand development and brand image… The seed is planted At the moment […]

  • To solve people problems, first get rid of the people

    I am neither techno-skeptic nor techno-phile; every generation since the year zero has looked to the future with a mixture of hopeless optimism, and more often (because it makes for a more captivating book, movie or headline), assured dread. It is always easier to imagine how things can get worse because we can imagine a […]

  • How can your business be more creative in 2019?

    How about your IT provider? Do you change them often? Probably not either. What about your bank? Even in an age where we are being actively encouraged to shop around banks for better deals, most of us still don’t. Apparently, in the UK we’re more likely to get a divorce than leave our banks. What […]

  • Why does it take so long to write a ‘brief’?

    Momentum can be killed right then and there if they feel the need to fill out a lengthy briefing document before bringing in their creative partner. So, Don’t worry about having all the information. You only need to know your target audience, desired outcome, timeframe and budget before you call your creative partner. Your creative […]

  • What I love about flying

    Back then of course, long before 9/11 and when Captains’ uniforms were woven from fibres of pure George Clooney, pilots tended to have a kind of open-door policy for their cockpits – getting a visit to the flight deck was a doddle. Consequently, I saw the cockpits of 747, 737 and DC-10 before I’d seen […]

  • I can’t be arsed

    And yet I can only describe getting through each day as akin to being stuck in thick, sticky mud and not having the will to even try to move your feet. You kind of just grind to a halt staring at your legs. And when someone looks at you askance before cautiously asking: “You OK?” […]

  • I’ve bin thinking

    How do they solve the problem? “What we need is a poster!” They determine. Said poster is hastily run off and posted above the bin:   The very next day, the office manager goes back into the kitchen to find… the bin lid is open again. Mild frustration is giving over to, yes, the beginnings […]

  • How do you solve a problem like design education?

    Design is weirdly misunderstood, either as a black art that requires kid gloves to handle, or as a nice-to-have when something ‘needs a bit of jazz’. The latter is easy to understand. There’s a good reason why people choose the term ‘jazz’. Whether you like jazz or not, anyone can recognise a situation where a […]

  • How do you solve a problem like poor reception?

    And yet, although not exactly rude, the receptionist we encountered was brusk, unsmiling and officious. When we experience bad customer service the disappointment is heightened by the gulf between expectation and reality. Between promise and what is actually delivered. If the one matches the other, your brand is in harmony, and everyone is happy. Fail to […]