• To solve people problems, first get rid of the people

    I am neither techno-skeptic nor techno-phile; every generation since the year zero has looked to the future with a mixture of hopeless optimism, and more often (because it makes for a more captivating book, movie or headline), assured dread. It is always easier to imagine how things can get worse because we can imagine a […]

  • How can your business be more creative in 2019?

    When was the last time you changed accountant? In fact, how many times have you changed accountant, ever? Would you change accountant every time you took on new staff? Or every time your tax return needs doing? I would think not. How about your IT provider? Do you change them often? Probably not either. What […]

  • Why does it take so long to write a ‘brief’?

    In fact, why bother with one at all? A lot of the calls we get start with the word, “Help!” Typically, those individuals have had a job drop on their desk with the vaguest of parameters and the shortest of timeframes to deliver them in. At that point they need to start moving things forward, […]

  • I’ve bin thinking

    An Office Manager goes into the office kitchen and sees, once again, that the lid on the office kitchen bin is open again. They are incandescent with rage. Well, mildly frustrated at least: it’s the height of summer and there are flies buzzing around the waste. It makes the kitchen smell and it looks gross. […]

  • How do you solve a problem like design education?

    Like the Woman In Black, in the shadows the designer lurks. Sinister and pale in the cold hued glow of their Mac screen. Knower of the unknown, they gnaw purposefully on an HB while gazing at you intently, seemingly understanding more about you than you know yourself. “So,” they say. “Tell me about your mother.” […]

  • How do you solve a problem like poor reception?

    A brand is a promise – a definition of expectation. If I’m paying for a four-star hotel I don’t expect two-star service. It’s not all about money though. We recently stayed on a campsite on a small island on the Seine, north west of Paris. We arrived after having driven for about four hours north […]

  • How do you solve a problem like ‘each other’?

    Jeremy Clarkson once said something that I still find useful to this day. I know, I’m surprised too. He said, and I paraphrase: “When you’re on the motorway and someone comes up behind you, just pull over and get out of the way. Whoever it is might be rushing the commute, not out of arrogance, […]

  • Disruptive thinking?

    I’m currently reading the quite brilliant ‘Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind’ (Yuval Noah Harari, Vintage). Something struck me from the very first chapter – humans are the original disruptors. For the advantages of a big brain and walking upright we sacrificed rest time, physical strength, reliable birth, resilient offspring and the idea of […]

  • Nice is a four-letter word

    “It’s just that, well, you’re too nice.” And thus ended yet another teenage relationship. Yep, I was that person. I was infuriatingly reliable, disappointingly supportive, and so gratingly empathetic a heart-to-heart about her bad day at school could induce nausea. In my ignorance I’d never realised that arriving on time for a date was really […]

  • A BA(Hons) in Jazzing things up

    “Can you jazz it up a bit?” We love getting these requests. (I’m dying inside) No, really. We do. (my design soul is crumbling to dust) Design has never been more important. Life is fast, everyone’s a consumer, everyone wants our attention. Design provides the visual conduit to your audience. It can make them laugh, it […]