We achieve improved business effectiveness by understanding natural human limitations

Presentations and the venerable PowerPoint are much derided, but we know that they’re an essential, everyday communication tool for businesses of all sizes and types.

The trouble is they are so often ineffective.

Presentations are commonly seen by both presenter and audience as onerous. That sets up both parties with a compromised attitude from the get-go.

The eyes may be open but the minds are in neutral.

We apply our Design Thinking approach to presentations to ensure they are focused on EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES. That means they flow with an engaging logical narrative, they stimulate and retain attention with insightful graphics and visuals, and they deliver a clear sense of purpose, desired outcome and follow-on actions. And they are branded distinctly.

Our long-term interest however, is in delivering the benefits of a Design Thinking mindset into a customer, at all levels, so the business becomes design-rich and independently able to improve their communication skills in Powerpoint and beyond, considering all every aspect of their customer engagement – from the customers’ points of view.

We support our presentation services with mentoring and coaching services and a programme of seminars, designed to help staff adopt Design Thinking in the workplace, increasing individuals’ confidence, improving overall effectiveness of communication to both internal and external audiences, and generating a more creative sensibility throughout the workforce.

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