We work with human nature.

Not against it

If a business is making a difference, it’s making a difference…to people. Human Beans, as the BFG calls them.

But a weird thing happens when we’re introduced to the business world. Not really knowing what we’re doing and lacking confidence, we talk a little more than we should. We might exercise the furthest extremes of our vocabularies and perhaps in a needless act towards self preservation, make things ultimately more complicated than they need to be. And it forms a habit that we all carry forward in our careers.

We know this to be true. Don’t we? How many times do you go into a meeting hoping beyond hope that it will be blessedly shorter than the last one. Or that you will emerge knowing exactly what you achieved in there?

Humans, by nature, are natural shortcut takers. Why visit B when we can walk directly from A to C? It’s instinctual. But that instinct is often overridden in business.

The reason is often because we’re not agreed on what needs to get done. What the OUTCOME needs to be. We have the instinct to see the shortcut from A to C, because our inherent animal focus is on preservation of energy. The desired outcome therefore is to get from A to C in the most direct, efficient way possible.

But in business there’s an expectation that a solution isn’t worth its salt unless it is, or appears to be, complex. Or a meeting isn’t effective unless it runs over an hour and requires three pots of coffee and an assortment of mini pastries. A focus on outcome is easily lost or never there in the first place.

And this attitude ultimately changes the way we, or rather our brands, speak. Our language becomes overly verbose, clogging the arteries of coherent communication with the accumulated fats of overly long meetings, restricting engaging, fluent, meaningful dialogue with frequent spasms of business-speak.

And that’s where we come in. By defining what makes you distinct, by making that engaging, relevant and persuasive for your audience, and by not being afraid to keep things lean and, yes, sometimes even fun, we can help bring humanity back to your brand.

We do this through a Design Thinking approach, which you can read more about elsewhere on this site, but get in touch if you’d like to discuss this with us directly.

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