Our values

You go for a run once in a while and you’ll feel some benefits, but they’ll be limited and tail off over time. Run regularly and the benefits mount up and multiply – all sorts of new challenges suddenly seem possible. That’s what we aim to do for our clients, only with creativity and design. We want to help enrich their internal cultures and external engagements with a human-centred, collaborative partnership, delivering Design Thinking and Design Doing as a daily essential.


Get on board. We can’t be part of the crew if we’re not willing to get our feet wet.


Ideas are the coals on the fire of innovation. Without ideas we are nothing.


Working with others is more fun; you learn more, and you get a better job done faster.


Design starts and ends with people. What we do affects people. Design for human nature, not against it.


Work to the fullness of our abilities, always. There is no such thing as 50% design.

Be fascinated

Be intrigued by everything. Be always willing to learn more.


We won’t earn trust by always agreeing with our clients.

Be honourable

Work with honour. Be trustworthy and honest. Assume good faith. Find clients and colleagues that share these values and enjoy this way of working. Avoid those who don’t.