Reignite the brand, improve engagement, deliver a more engaging platform from which a more proactive marketing approach to new audiences can build.

There were a number of key considerations that we had to balance: make the brand distinctive yet appropriate to the betting fraternity; provide a deeper sense of brand so 24Dogs.com can engage new audiences such as younger markets, those that don’t bet, or those that are already interested in horse racing; articulate the core proposition ie. How Pool Betting works; and do it all while retaining a crucial and thus far loyal customer base.

We created elegant branding, with a colourway specifically designed to align with the sport betting sector. Developed in-house, the web site had an impressive system, but was, by the client’s own admission, was not delivering in terms of engagement, clarity, brand or as a marketing platform. Our thoughts were that first we had to deliver to the daily user. To ensure the site did not strain the eyes, we restricted the colour palette to a small number of colours which would sit against a midnight blue background. A single colour – a vivid yellow – was used to bring out key functionality and sales messages. And we adopted the colourways and font treatment of the starting traps to ensure the site shared an appropriate aesthetic.

We also created an animated video to explain how Pool betting works.

The project has delivered a strong foundation for 24Dogs.com’s marketing, with a successful increase in users returned.