It was to our great sadness that AllSigns went into receivership in December 2018. A truly wonderful team to work with. We will support them wherever they move on to.

Where service and capability had improved to the point the business was delivering for large national brands across the country, there were multiple variations of the branding deployed at key touch points, and the company’s unique proposition was not clearly defined or exploited.

As is common with similar businesses, the DNA of the AllSigns brand was easily discovered in its founder, Graham Wood. A friendly, eminently approachable person, Graham’s spirit for excellent customer service, a willingness to explore and invent and commit for a customer from day one spoke volumes about the underlying truths of the business. We had to capture that in their brand and develop a consistently welcoming, positive, colourful face for the business.

Through interviews and a collaborative design development, we first identified the company’s core purpose, aligning them more directly with their strategic vision; we articulated three key commitments that drove their style of delivery; and we created a contemporary brand marque and branding elements that were then deployed across multiple channels, including the web site which we wrote, designed and developed, and livery.

Key to the successful delivery of our work was AllSigns’ willingness to invest in high quality photography of their completed projects. The variety and attention to detail conveyed in their online portfolio is hugely compelling.

Graham reported changes he never expected with the rebranding project – changes not only to the way that the business is perceived externally, but how the business is understood internally, by his hardworking team.