Support Babcock Aviation in the engagement with their staff on the delicate subject of inappropriate behaviours towards one another, such as bullying, aggression, isolation or humiliation.

For us, the Respect Compass was about encouraging empathy, so the challenge was really how best to do that. Core to our approach was our determination to help individuals discover the operational benefit of empathy for themselves.

What began as an idea for a campaign morphed, through our creative support, into the creation of a workshop. We helped focus, craft, write, design and deliver the Respect Compass workshop guide, messages and toolkit, which has now been rolled out across the business. The workshop uses the real anonymised personal experiences of Babcock staff members to open group discussion among peers, and through empathy, imagine how those situations could have been improved through alternative approaches.

The Respect Compass has been very well received and we could not be more proud of our involvement with the project.