Following a management buyout of Crediton Dairy from Milk Link, the business needed to quickly establish a strong, cohesive identity to support the marketing of their commercial portfolio.

Much of our work in the UK food sector, in particular its dairy industry, has stemmed from our early relationship with an organisation called Milk Link.

As a UK farmer-owned milk producer, Milk Link innovated and expanded rapidly and successfully, purchasing along the way a number of dairies and creameries. Crediton Dairy was one of them. Milk Link was so successful in fact that its growth put them on the radar of Arla, and eventually the business was subsumed into their global conglomerate.

A subsequent management buyout of the dairy meant that Crediton would need to be able to market its services and products directly to the UK’s large multiples, and key to that was establishing its own visual identity and articulation of its unique proposition.

EllisJames delivered a branding evolution of their already well established but rather traditional logo, and bolstered it with a fresh, invigorating palette. We were also responsible for their photography, designed and developed their web site, business brochure and event materials, and subsequently supported their marketing activities for some of their brands, including own-brand flavoured milks and creams, Arctic Coffee, Dairy Pride, Flora Pro-activ and Moo Milk.