Rebranding a dynamic, fast moving and highly innovative business.

Initial discussions with NRG were regarding the replacement of their ageing web site. As much as we could see why they were keen to replace the site, we saw a more fundamental problem that would limit the cost effectiveness of any investment they made – their branding and brand hierarchy was disorganised and unclear.

NRG’s board were fully engaged in our proposal and in short order we set about running ‘why’ discovery workshops at their head office in Skelmersdale. From these sessions we were able to articulate their values and their key points of differentiation, and distil those into a succinct strapline: ‘Mobile. Deliver. Succeed.’

In design terms, from the outset we were focused on achieving a recognisable evolution of their outgoing branding, while bolstering it with thorough branding rules, punchier colours and image treatment.

The design and development of their website is now complete, you can find the website here: NRG Website