A long-standing, and deeply rewarding relationship, supporting this multi-award winning cheese maker.

In a country famous for producing cheeses – some produced in caves for centuries – a cheese producer established in 2001 has got an uphill battle on its hands if it is going to compete on the grounds of tradition and historical provenance. But that doesn’t mean those cheese aren’t of comparable quality or distinction.

With their bright waxed truckles and engaging names, Snowdonia Cheese Company had a range enormously popular at farmers’ markets across the UK, but was otherwise untested overseas. We were engaged to support their export strategy initially, contemporising the brand, giving it a streamline (‘Made with pride, bursting with character’), elevating the offering and articulating the brand story, and went on to deploy that throughout their web site, packaging, sales materials, presentations and exhibition schemes.

In 2018 we redesigned their truckle labels, creating a fundamental and significant improvement in their range’s in-counter value perception, and our enormously fulfilling relationship continues.