Branding is inherently emotional, but this project was more so than most.

Kate Sheehan is one of the UK’s most well-respected experts in Occupational Therapy. She is absolutely passionate about the life changes her field can deliver for young and old, whether they are living with congenital or progressive conditions or newly acquired disabilities.

So, an expert with a clear and compelling vision and mission…  but stuck with a branding solution that failed to reflect that.

I’m glad to say, Kate was overjoyed with our visual reflection of what we saw in her and her brand. We focused on what Occupational Therapy actually delivers – a stronger sense of freedom for individuals who are otherwise constrained by their conditions. Our solution shows a hand forming an A-okay hand signal, with it’s forefinger and thumb creating a spanner to ‘unlock their world’.

The layered purples express warmth and humanity. They also happen to be Kate’s favourite colours.

We went on to design and develop The OT Service’s web site, marketing literature, exhibition materials, interactive PDF forms, Powerpoint and press advertising.