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All too often we see businesses treating their own brands like those health and safety certificates you see on the reception wall – a basic requirement that’s seldom looked at or considered. Or perhaps like a slightly tarnished pewter cup at the back of the awards cabinet: ‘Something we won, but can’t remember exactly what for.’



To paraphrase Frankenstein for a moment: “Brands are ALIVE!” Or at least they should be. Brands should be the reference point for businesses – they should set the benchmark for every person in the organisation and define the expectation that they should awaken in their target audiences. But business leaders often find it difficult to understand their brand and how it relates or influences what their business actually does. We see that as a tragedy. It’s wasted potential that should be inspiring those businesses to greater success sooner.

Is it right for me?

  • If you are in any way responsible for the development of a business, team or organisation there will be loads here for you, especially if you’ve often thought, “I’m sure we should be doing something with your brand,” but were never quite sure what
  • Leaders who were originally specialists in technical functions within a business, but now find themselves having to consider cultural change, brand development or business growth
  • Businesses that are about 10 years old – you’re established, you’ve got a good client base, and you’re good at what you do, but you know you’re going to need to leverage your brand to be relevant in the coming years
  • Leaders who are on board with the idea of purpose-led businesses, but don’t know where to begin, when they’ve got it right, and what to do with it once you’ve got it.

Outline of content

How do you turn a pewter cup into a goblet of fire? How do you turn a certificate into a manifesto?

In this seminar we want to help you discover what’s wonderful and wonderfully unique about your brand, and then leverage it to accelerate growth, get your people engaged with your vision, and innovate your offering.

Amongst other things, we’ll be looking at:

  • What brand actually is
  • Identifying purpose and why it’s important
  • Establishing governance of your brand
  • How to use your brand understanding to align your workforce
  • Techniques for establishing a productive mindset throughout your culture
  • Design Thinking and human-centred problem solving

None of it should be confusing, but a lot of it will make you go: “Ah, right. Yeah. I get it.” Or similar.

Learning objectives

  • To leave with a strong visual metaphor for your brand, and a deeper understanding of how it influences your culture and target audiences
  • Begin the process of understanding what Purpose is, what yours might be and understand how that can power engagement and innovation
  • Feel inspired by your own brand and gain control of it
  • Work out where your brand might be weak and what steps you need to take to strengthen it
  • Understand how to ensure your brand remains vital and relevant

Follow-up work

You’ll get a free follow-up consultancy on your brand action plan.



14-30 participants

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Ideally, the workshops are best held off-site from your normal business premises. We have significant discounts on meeting rooms at The Bristol & Bath Science Park, should you wish to consider having your workshops here.

To get the most value from your workshop, we recommend a groups of between 14 and 30 participants.

Travel and other disbursements are not included in this price.