Ten top tips for effective presentations

Good words are wasted on slumbering ears. Or, ‘what’s the point in talking if your audience is asleep?’



Love or it loathe it, the venerable PowerPoint is deeply embedded in working life, used on a daily basis to deliver everything from notes and mood boards to keynote addresses. It’s clunky and unintuitive to use, but that aside, we don’t think PowerPoint deserves the blame for poor presentations. Unfortunately, that’s down to the user. This fun seminar sets out to provide structure for anyone tasked with putting a presentation together.

Is it right for me?

  • If you’ve ever had to put a presentation together
  • If you’re ever likely to be required to put a presentation together
  • If you’re setting out to be a speaker or talk regularly at events
  • If your organisation is addicted to bad PowerPoint and you want to introduce some improvement

Outline of content

The seminar is a countdown of ten great tips for producing engaging and effective presentations. That means presentations that capture and hold the audience’s attention and deliver the results you want from the event ie. they leave having retained new information, or change their behaviours in some way thereafter.

The tips cover:

  • Getting the mindset right
  • Brand
  • Colour
  • Layout
  • Animation
  • Using metaphors and analogies

Learning objectives

When people joke about ‘death by PowerPoint’ the more serious underlying truth is that in those events, lots of people have got together in a room to collectively waste a small part of their lives together. I want to avoid that. I want attendees to leave with the confidence of having a structured process for crafting their presentation that fills them with confidence about their delivery, and in so doing, they go on to capture and inspire their audiences.



5-100 participants

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