The Power of Purpose

There’s a lot of talk about ‘purpose’ and finding your ‘why’. But what’s the purpose of purpose and why is it important? And how does it relate to brand and what your business actually does?



When people start their own business, their ‘purpose’ is often so inherently ingrained in their ambitions and personality that they’re not consciously aware of it. However, as the business grows and a team forms around their original concept, getting the right focus within the fledgling culture is critical to establishing and growing the brand consistently and authentically. It’s not then a case of finding your ‘why’ so much as recognising it and sharing it.

This seminar aims to do that with a simple story everyone can relate to.

Is it right for me?

  • If you’ve got a growing business and want to fully leverage your brand and get the culture right in your organisation as it scales
  • If you’ve got an established business
  • If you’ve heard a lot about purpose and finding your why, but don’t quite get the point
  • If you want to see more creativity in your culture
  • If you want to innovate your offering and create more differentiation from your competitors
  • You’re teaching Business Studies or similar and want to give context for your students

Outline of content

The seminar follows the story of Maximillian Glimmer – a very bored but talented customer helpline assistant with a passion for the outdoors and meeting people. He dreams of having his own business, but what business could he do? Looking at his name gives him the inspiration. Step forward then, Max Glimmer, window cleaner extraordinaire.

We follow Max’s journey step by step as he establishes his business and the opportunities and issues that emerge from his success.

Through the lens of Max’s experience we cover:

  • Brand
  • Branding
  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Culture
  • Innovating the proposition

Learning objectives

  • A deeper understanding of brand, branding and how it affects perception and expectation
  • How to leverage that perception to deliver a unique proposition and steal a march on your competitors
  • Understand how having a clear articulation of your purpose can drive everything from higher value brand perception to better customer service and more effective recruitment
  • Be confident with your brand and start to leverage it fully in your engagements with your staff and your customers alike

Follow-up work

There’s a free consultancy meeting to discuss your brand issues and aspirations.



10-40 participants

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Ideally, the workshops are best held off-site from your normal business premises. We have significant discounts on meeting rooms at The Bristol & Bath Science Park, should you wish to consider having your workshops here.

This seminar is appropriate for a wide range of audience size.

Travel and other disbursements are not included in this price.