Workshops & Seminars
A range of seminars to empower your teams with structures for innovative problem solving and human-centred engagement. Always fun, always insightful, and with the potential to make a huge difference to your culture.
    Discovery Workshop

    Guided Design Thinking focus workshop to help your team make headway with a current problem, challenge or new initiative.

    Ten top tips for effective presentations

    Powerpoint often gets the blame for users’ poor approach to creating a presentation, which in turn leads to uninspired delivery. Here’s ten great tips to crafting a great Powerpoint presentation.

    Discover your brand, accelerate growth

    Discover what’s wonderfully unique about your brand, and then use that understanding to accelerate growth, get your people engaged in your vision and innovate you’re offering.

    The Tale of the Broken Bin

    With a number of interactive sections, we look at each of the core tenets of the Design Thinking process through ‘The Tale of the Broken Bin’.

    The Power of Purpose

    Bored with his desk job, Max Glimmer decides to start up his own window cleaning business. We follow his story as he grows his business and learns the power of purpose.